#Training – Finishing on a High. Roll On 2017.

Just finished my 2016 race season about a week ago and yeah, now time for 2017 to roll on.

This year has been all about discovering and handling more training, getting the distance logged in and understanding how to balance all that. Balance might be the word and the key I guess and that is what I tried to learn and stick to.

Last weekend was about tackling the Escalade race here in Geneva, short distance with a 7.32km course, ups and downs through the old town and all in all, a great way to finish the year with some raw speed. All that was punctuated with a solid race time of 27:10:3min and an overall 18th place out of 1501 classified runners in my race. The icing on the cake being that I crossed the line as 3rd if considering the scratch classification. That was about finishing on a high I guess.

I have never been a short distance runner I would say, always feeling better after the 8km distance and that was quite a surprising thing to achieve for me. Especially considering that this is the biggest race of Switzerland and that some very good runners do attend it so maybe I will get my Elite bib next year but whatever, a good time it was.

Next year will be about new challenges, taking on the Marathon distance properly with some clear and proper training as well as getting into Olympic Triathlon. It’s going to be tough and all about making and keeping the training plan on due course. Kilometers, distance and endurance will be the aim with some good cross training I guess. Swim, bike and run they say..!

It is funny though, I guess I am competitive. My first love is and will always be motorsport although, I can’t achieve much there. Multiple reasons would prevent me to ever take it seriously or let’s say that I’ve now closed that chapter and will to do so.

However, there’s nothing better than racing yourself, as Haruki Murakami author of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running once quoted:

In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.

Last and when people ask me why I love running so much, well, it’s pretty much like motorsport. Training is like the heavy testing, race day is all about choosing the right tyres, setup and strategy through outfit, shoes, food and mental. Which all in all produces the fastest lap. It doesn’t get better than that and it only works as a package as a good friend once told me.

Now time to rest and keep the base training going.

Cheers, Louis.

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