#Training – Looking ahead.

Reflecting on 2017, that might sound a little early but it’s the end of the year and race season is now over. The other way around, let’s say I’ve cut it short and following on the Lausanne Marathon, it’s time to rest and reboot the body and mind for the season and year ahead.

Back a month ago, I was just running, running and running. Going full speed into my marathon plan, it was just looking good and straightforward that I would end the year on a high and fulfill this long standing goal of completing the marathon distance. Plans are good and as with my way of training, it’s always good to look ahead and think about the next session.

But as I like to rely on my general feeling, I often readjust and rework my plans. Not to do less or more but generally speaking, I try to balance the way I train, the intensity and all, according to how I wake-up and feel on the given day. I may be a sheep when it comes to training but I like to go my own way rather than following the herd.

Having not completed my last race but having found the source of the problem, I took the safe route and decided that I would rest and work on my core in order to build strength for 2018. Therefore, the coming weeks and months will altogether be about indoor training, body and weight work while getting back in the water and keeping a cycling program. Not what I like, I’m not a gym rat but that’s what I have to work on if I want to keep racing a strong way.

It’s a funny thing, after Lausanne and the #DNF there were a few hard days where I just tried to find the reason why I failed. As no pain happened before that day, it was bloody hard to accept… Anyway, then came the joy of the diagnosis and doctor telling me what I had to do. It wasn’t as bad as I would imagine but the doctor said it all, there’s only so much you can do and there’s no wonder why the pros work so hard on all aspects of their bodies.

I mean, I’m not a pro and will never be one, still have to work everyday as far as I know but I looked back at 2017, all I achieved this year and the summary is great. I’ve come from just running at an average level and having a few rides around with some friends in 2016 to taking on a triathlon training plan full speed over the first six-months of the year and getting into Ironman70.3 and Olympic distance straight. That’s a lot of work and more as I’ve just learnt, tiredness and weaknesses can hit.

So the whole deal is that while I’ve done good and been very happy with the races and personal best I’ve set this year, it’s been a lot of work and time spent either swimming, cycling or running. Considering all this year, it’s been roughly 200 hours on the bike, a 100 hours running and 40 hours pretending to be a fish or trying to float. And that has been tiring. As said, I’m no pro and still have an everyday job.

Reflecting on that recent event, end of the year and after a whole lot of training in the first half, I felt amazing after July and getting into August, I transformed the end of year half-marathon goal in a full one. Looking at it now, still achieved a half-marathon personal best while on the road to #DNF and I’ll take that as the final high but as the year went and training continued, I just ran out of strength and talent wasn’t enough to get the deal done I guess.

Definitely it’s been a brilliant year, mental was strong all along and I’ve felt in love with a thing here but as the doc’ said, there’s only so much you can take and sometime, as with training and how you consider your form, best is to quit and come back stronger they say and that is what I’ll take.

The funny final word to all this if considering the first article – here – detailing my plan towards the marathon. First paragraph was all about me wishing the body would hold together so I could get it done and obviously, thinking like this and reflecting on it now, I was not going to make it and it just happened to be so. Maybe I knew it…


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