#Training – 2018 or the suffer fest.

2018 IRONMAN Frankfurt European Championship

You’ve probably guessed it and yes, that’s the new challenge I’m just about to take for the coming year. 2017 was a whole new experience, embarking on triathlon training and getting into Olympic and IRONMAN70.3 distance. I’ve falled in love with the discipline and training so I’ll be taking on the big one with the full long-distance IRONMAN distance of 3.8km swim, 180km ride and 42.2km run. It’s gonna be a long journey with additional races in the build-up or a suffer fest some will say but it never gets easier, you just get better at it..!

I’m looking for sponsors, come and join

Endurance sport, whether it be just running or the triathlon thing of swimming, biking and running on a given day is no cheap business. Equipment plays a significant part in it, as do finances. Entry fees, hotels, travelling and above all, coaching and making it happen takes a lot of time but above everything else, it cost a significant amount of money to keep it going. I’m looking for any partnership and finance that might help my racing and season planning to be shaped more easily so I can focus as much as possible on the training. Social media visibility, product review through my website and blogging as well as direct visibility on my outfits are part of what I can propose. Anything is possible so don’t hesitate to let me know what you’re looking for so we can put a deal together.

Louis Quiniou Athlete Profile


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