#RoadToFrankfurt – Getting into the mood.

First of all, Happy New Year and all the best, let’s hope 2018 will be even better than the previous one! And here we are, on the road to Frankfurt, just after my first month of training which started on the first week of December 2017.

Previous action happened back in October with my last official race of 2017, or what would turn out to be my first ever #DNF. Enough was said on that, I got over it and took a month off more or less. I did not stop training completely but got the intensity and volume down in order to recover a little from a very strong year.

Then and back to first week of December, being a little crazy I took part in the Escalade race here in Geneva. My first year in the elite race and back from a month off, it felt very hard but I finished strong, happy and above all with happy knees which in the end was all of what really mattered. From then on and having just signed a coach in order to take me to Ironman Frankfurt this year, the training began.

So pretty much and for a month now, I’ve been training on a weekly schedule of 9 sessions a week with a rest day on the Friday. That’s pretty much three days with double training, mornings and evenings while the other days are a little easier let’s say. Altogether we’re here talking of an average of 10hours training a week added to my weekly work schedule.

The hardest bit on training and getting back at it was all about mood and schedule, particularly on getting the sleeping hours right. I’m not a big sleeper but it’s pretty hard for me to fall asleep, the first two weeks were therefore a little hard on the mind and body but just like it was back in March last year when I started training heavily. It takes a while to get it right but once sorted, it’s all perfect as your body takes a natural rhythm and waking up at 5:30 twice a week just becomes natural but only if you bed early..!

On the rest and getting the sessions done. I guess I like to grind the hours alone and I am now used to it so no problem, getting the job done on that side is fine. It’s a funny feeling to have a plan and someone telling you what you should do every day as well as sticking to it, whether it be swimming, running, cycling or just for the gym work. Previously, I used to train on my own and the only plans I would take were pretty much from the internet or based on what people had previously been doing. The other aspect also being that I’ve always been training at high intensity rather than endurance and now, I have to take all into account so all in all, very different to what I used to do… I actually have to run slowly… That’s a change and I’ll take it.

These are first impressions but swimming, cycling and running are all going well, gym work is pretty new but satisfying while I’ve also started a new sport towards an early goal this year and which is cross-country skiing, not the classic one but skating. That’s an added bonus, hard on the body as it makes legs, arms and core work altogether but it’s a great feeling to be out in the snow, on your own and enjoying the silence but don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody hard. We will see where this goes, there’s something coming and I’ll let you know later on that.

2018 feels like it started long ago so let’s build and work towards it or just swim, bike, run and repeat! Oh and HNY again.

Cheers, Louis.

A few impressions of this end of the year training sessions.

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