#RoadToFrankfurt – Moody.

March is almost gone and it goes on, on and on just like the beat that doesn’t stop. Yet, it’s soon to be April, things are getting tough or I may just be starting to feel weariness or fatigue in reality. Sessions are slowly getting harder and surely, the total time spent training per week is rising accordingly.

It is in fact going crescendo with my work load which as I thought would go up as well as the motor sport season would come closer and as we’re more or less one month from the official start, things are getting serious either sides. Of course, fatigue is coming along and is a parameter which I knew would come into play. I don’t know if I’m right in saying that but it feels like I just didn’t feel it previously, probably because of my enthusiasm in getting the sessions done or because of the progress made in swimming as an example but now it’s hitting me.

It hasn’t been that bad (yet…) but it’s funny to wake-up at 6′, go for a swim feeling like there is no way I’m actually even going to float and to realize at the end of it that I actually swam at my “great day” pace. On the other hand, it gets tough around mid-day and particularly after lunch. A nap would be more than welcome and I can feel it when I have to get through one of these turbo session or long run in the evening, I dream of a nap room at work every night… The real struggle is in getting the sleeping right this being due to sessions at night, it gets really hard to actually fall asleep easily, not to say, the longer I stay awake, the more I get to think… Which does not ease the situation either but I’ll just get used to it.

All in all it’s when the going gets tough that the tough get going they say. That is what I have to stick to and I will get there. Even if the coach keeps telling me that the big, hard – call them what you want – have yet to come and this really makes me wonder where I stand. Great is the racing and fortunately today, I got to race for the first time properly on a 16km race called the Super Agglocityrun in Annecy near Geneva. Good feeling, started too fast but ended the race happy with a time of 01:07:34 for a 24th place OA on the result sheet.

SuperAggloCityRun – Strava Link.

This is exactly what I needed to get it going as the training load or agenda was all about repeating a day after another and week after week, it didn’t go well with my mind if you understand what I mean. That race just got me up thinking the legs were alright, that the mental could still be worked on and that overall, the training was going smooth as my overall pace for that distance was actually very good in terms of being at the start of the year.

It goes without saying that I have much work to do and a long way to go but spring being around the corner, sun will be shining soon and helping the mood as well as permitting some more outdoor sessions with added bonus that I’ll soon head out for Majorca and a 10 day training camp. Life will be good after that, season will be around the corner and I guess you’ve understood that I just want to get out and race. Still, build and peak is not here yet and training must go on..!

Talk to you in a bit, when the mind will be clear and happy!

One thought on “#RoadToFrankfurt – Moody.

  1. Hey Loulou… You will get there. Confidence is the key to the mindset. Keep on “Truckin'” as was the title of a song that was my high-school motto… Love you, Proud Mom!


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