#RoadToFrankfurt – Upwards and Onwards.

Things keep on moving, days are going by very fast just like April did and we’re now into the first week of May and that means we’re just 9 weeks from the big day.

I would have liked to feel confident, I would have liked to share my happiness in that post but yesterday on the 1st of May, things got a bit out of hands. Heading out from Geneva for a long ride around the Lac Léman on the time trial bike, things were going smooth, average speed and power were perfect, mindset was great but after 27km only, going towards Gland, someone decided not to give way and I couldn’t avoid to crash head-on.

After hitting the car big time, all I can say is that I was very lucky as I only got minor bruises and basically it could have been a lot worse as I was doing around 45km/h when it happened. After a visit at the Nyon hospital and complete check-up, scans, etc. of the whole body and head, I was cleared to get home.

About the bike, I don’t know if there’s much to say, it basically hit hard and while it looked as good as new when I got it back, I fear it’s far from being in good shape, it doesn’t roll, it sounds bad, wheels are bent, transmission is broken and considering carbon constructions with the background of motor sport I have, I don’t really want to ride something which has taken such a hit back. Time will tell where I’ll go with that once insurance and all will sort that out.

On my recovery, it will pretty much be the same, time will tell where I stand and how I can get back at it. Of course, I don’t want to give up on the last 5 months of preparation, time and money invested but above all the dedication you put in such a build-up makes it pretty hard to think about having to set back. But experience tells me it’s the only thing to do yet and I’ll leave it to the professionals around me, doctors and coach to clear me before I’ll get back swimming, riding or running.

Other than that, funny thing and first ride of the year I took a survival blanket with me thinking that if something would happen with the heavy risk of rain or simply if I would run out of tube while out there, I would stay warm. Well, it served the purpose but not the way I had thought about it. Would things have been better if I had taken it less seriously or if I had been more cautious? I can’t say, the road was straight and I had priority, I was visible, the other driver had a sign telling to give way so things were pretty much straight altogether but s**t happens and that’s how I take it. You can only control the controllables.

Anyway, up to yesterday fitness was good whether it be swimming, cycling or running, training camp in Mallorca 10 days ago had played a fair amount in things getting in good shape, just like the weekly and average 12hours of training of the last few months. So upwards and onwards, I can only say or think that I’ll be in Frankfurt.

It’s a set back but as I can walk, I’ll take it as a break and a way to rest my body properly just like I’ll find a solution to get the ride back on track and to continue the work. You’ve got to think positive and as I understood yesterday, it takes more than a car to break me.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I’ll definitely take it.

Cheers, L.

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