#RoadToFrankfurt – Race Season is On.

We’re in June and finally race season is on. It should have happened earlier and back in May but as per my previous article, I’m sure you’ll understand the Geneva Half-Marathon wasn’t going to happen.

Altogether, I think I’m pretty much on schedule and ready to tackle my first half-ironman distance this weekend. Last few weeks have been pretty stressful I have to say, the accident, sorting out the papers, insurance and all, it isn’t yet finished but good point is that I have a new time trial bike and I can run properly. Again, I was very lucky to get away from that accident with only minor bruises. Will try my best to avoid such situation again.

In terms of training and as the accident happened four weeks ago, I was back cycling and swimming only three days after, basically it was important to do so to keep the muscles and all moving and I believe it helped the recovery as well. It wasn’t hard at all, just the pain of the shock to get away with and actually it was quite surprising to just actually continue all so easily.

Swimming wasn’t perfect and with the help of a pull buoy, I got it going, working on my right shoulder and mobility as that had taken a big hit as well while the legs got better and better after each sessions. Running was down to a different approach, I was a little more cautious as my knee basically took all from the shock with the car, it was big almost as big as a bowling ball when I got back home.

Having had some pretty bad experiences with my knees in the past, I mean no big injuries but suffering from a little too much load and not taking time to rest things properly, I was really scared and thought I would hardly be back running any time soon. It turned out great in the end, a week after the crash I got a visit at the best sport medicine place in Geneva where they confirmed there were no damage other than an hematoma and a resultant pain which would heal if I gave it chance.

Training continued, focusing mainly on swimming and cycling while doing some strength and elliptical work for my knee to get back up to speed, altogether and 15 days after I was back on the swim, bike and run and had hardly lost any speed. All this thanks to my coach who kept pushing hard on the work to keep me on schedule.

Other than that and as said, I’m going racing this weekend, writing this article between home, the plane and basecamp, it’s quite exciting and something I wanted to do to prepare for Frankfurt. I mean, racing two hours away from home is pretty easy but having to pack everything, the bike and all, having to put it back together, train a little over there and all, I wanted to test it before the big day and that is just what I’ll be doing over the next few days.

Last Training can be found here and don’t hesitate to follow me on Strava.

Thursday Brick Session / Ride

Thursday Brick Session / Run

Only thing that doesn’t make me comfortable is not knowing the course very well, it looks fast but not crazy fast, I’ll have to ride on the left hand side of the road as it’s to be in the UK and I hope the weather will be good, fingers crossed all will go smoothly just like the splits I’m looking for. Body and mental are looking strong from previous trainings and let’s hope I’ll put the right package together on Sunday, intelligence will be key.

Let’s think positive, and talk to you later.

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