#RoadToFrankfurt – It’s Data Time.

Today marks my last day of preparation for the 2018 Mainova Ironman Frankfurt which will happen next Sunday in Germany and it’s also the end of 7 months of work towards that goal.

It goes without saying that I’m a bit nuts when it comes to keeping records and data with one of my main focus this year having been the monitoring of that whole preparation as when it started, 7 months, 30 weeks or 210 days did sound pretty long but in fact it wasn’t.

While some of the datas like number of sessions, hours and kilometers are on point, the nutrition is just a glimpse and average calculated accros the whole 7 months as keeping record of the whole bunch of gels or energy bars I did consume was pretty hard in fact but it isn’t far from the truth I believe.

Now time to pack and fly over Germany to reach Frankfurt, it’s going to be an experience I’m sure!

More impressions and pictures can be found on my instagram – @louisquiniou

Duration – 01/12/2017 to 01/07/2018

7 months, 30 weeks or 210 calendar days



75 sessions

59:30:49 hours / 209 000 meters

Including, landing on someones bum and being offered a coffee after, lucky boy..!

Bike & Turbo Sessions

40 sessions

124:57:11 hours / 3875km


64 sessions

65:02:15 hours / 849km

Core work

44 sessions

46 hours

X-Country Skiing

16 sessions

31:44:25 hours / 317km

Including two fondues and taking up a complete new sport to race it.

Races I’ve raced during the preparation

La Transju’ Marathon (48km), X-Country skiing, Les Rousses, France.

AggloCityRun, Annecy, France.

Ironman70.3 Staffordshire, Stafford, United Kingdom.

Race(s) I’ve had to drop-out from

Geneva Half-Marathon

Unplanned Variable

Hitting a car head on, 1st of May while going for a lake tour on my time trial bike.

I survived, the bike didn’t.


142 PowerBar original gels

105 PureFit energy bars

168 Ovomaltine crisp muësli snack bars

22,4kg of porridge

7kg of Isostar Sport Drink

6,3kg of maltodextrine

1,7kg of Maurten Drink Mix Pro


22 beers

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