#Training – 2019.

It’s only October but it’s already the start of the new season and time to build-up for the next goals. 2018 has been a big year for me and a lot was learnt if considering the three disciplines or simply myself and how I react and work. Goals were set they proved I didn’t go too unrealistic with what I actually achieved.

2018 Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire – Race Report

All things considered, I got to reach both of the finish lines for my goals but didn’t tick all the boxes. One main goal was achieved and that was the personal best with the full Ironman and a time of 10h08:21sec while also finishing the previous 70.3 distance one. All had been hard in terms of physical or mental challenge and they also showed that being fully in control does not exist yet for me. A lot was learnt this year on the training, body, mental or for things like nutrition which is as per the saying, the fourth discipline of long distance triathlons and actually to endurance sport in my opinion.

2018 Ironman 140.6 Frankfurt – Race Report

So yeah, training is resuming this week and goals are set again. I have multiple ones, some which are about preparation and others which are about true racing. I plan to go on the Transjurassienne but the full one this year as part of winter training and X-Country skiing and for which I hope the season will start as soon as possible. Then, the Paris Half-Marathon will be another training goal, back to where I first ever raced back in 2014.

For the true racing, I will go back to Rapperswil and the 70.3 Ironman on the first weekend of June while three weeks later I will be back in Frankfurt for the full 140.6 Ironman in order to beat my personal best on the two distances.

Of course, all that wouldn’t be possible without the partners which have followed me over the past season, so I would like to thank them again for the help they provided, just like my family which is an everyday support. Now time to go into the next chapter and let’s say that we’re going to build and achieve even more.

2019 Provisional Calendar 

10th of February – La Transjurassienne

10th of March – Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris

2nd of June – Ironman 70.3 Switzerland, Rapperswil, CHE

30th of June – Ironman 140.6 European Championship, Frankfurt, DEU




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