#Training – Getting started.

We’re two days into November and it’s been a month since training has resumed. Getting started again or just getting into the mood let’s say. All started on 1st of October when the coach said it was time to get back at it. So where do I stand after four weeks could be the question but I guess it’s not yet about that. After Frankfurt back in July, I didn’t take it easy but more or less had two months of discontinued training, swimming, cycling and running were still part of my weekly schedule aside from work but with less dedication and no plan. Other things were far more appealing during those two months and a half of “break” I think.

On getting into the mood and that first week of October, I was on a cycling high as I had been time trialling for the past two weeks with the local and great Geneva Cyclists group here. Time trial is something new and I really wanted to see what it was like, it actually felt really good and as I had been mainly cycling in the past weeks, it fitted the fitness perfectly. After Le Défi Boscardin and the Vifian Time Trial, I went for the Prix Wanner Cycles in Orbe, Switzerland.

A 30km solo time trial which was a great way to learn a little more about this type of racing and I enjoyed it. That first week was mostly about getting up to speed, shaking the legs and cardio along with getting the needed rest for the Saturday race. It was also the first time I got a proper warm-up training specific session for the race itself. Got there on the day, setup the trainer and got it going for an hour prior to the start. About the race I would just say it was intense, plan was to reach an average of 41km/h over the course and to maintain an average power of 250 watts and I got it with an official time of 44:01 minutes which was a second off my planned time.

That got it started and off I went into week two and running this time. Having been off for three weeks more or less and having to go away from Geneva for work duties, I just wanted to get the training schedule right. The first three days of that week were about core, swimming and starting to run again. Then and going off to Dijon from the Thursday, we focused on getting a little more specific with fartlek sessions mainly. Altogether, it went alright as I probably benefitted from the cardio I built on the bike in the previous weeks so from 0 we went up to 55km of running that week, either around town, the Dijon-Prenois motor track or the track I found in Geneva to train. The bad point being about the swim where I really thought I was far back from my previous fitness for that sport but you’ve got to turn this around like “rise and shine” they say..!

Training insight , have a look at my Strava feed.

Third and fourth week, back in Geneva full time, third week was a proper start in terms of triathlon with the weekly nine sessions and a load of about 11 hours of either core, swim, bike or run. Again, schedule was important as I do all that aside from the everyday job duties so getting up early, training and most days doubling the sessions at night, it was a tough one but I got it done. The fourth one was just about repeating the previous one and getting the job done as well. Is there much to say about it, I don’t think so, it’s mostly a routine at the moment. The goal of the weeks and months ahead is to focus on the base in order to build a strong one. What I can give as a feedback is that although days are getting shorter and colder as time goes by, I feel much better than when I got started last year.

The previous 2017-2018 training scheme is playing a big role in the work we’ve started with the coach I believe, the base is better. Understanding of plans and sessions is easier and just like swimming feels slow these days, I do understand that it’s more about building a strong technique and looking at goals ahead than just achieving fast splits. The speed will naturally come but just like tiredness can hit mentally with shorter days, I do feel good at the moment, being strong will come and feeling fast as well. I just have to let it happen through dedication and hard work, that’s what it will be all about.

So yeah, that’s my resume of the first month and where I am. More will come, as said it’s November already and testing has begun so we can have reference for the future. More to come and I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to see and have a look at the 2019 season, have your look here – Louis Quiniou 2019 Program.

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