#Training – 8 Weeks in, 30 to go.

Two days into December, it’s 8 weeks since I’ve started the route towards 2019 and 30 weeks of work remain but as I found out last year, it goes by much faster than you would think as work and training never stops…

Full schedule is back and fully part of my life again. It’s a funny thing I guess for peoples around me, I pretty much shower at work or the swimming pool five days a week, breakfast happens on my way to work or out in town six days a week and every night, I spend it packing for the next one. Swim, bike or run gear, it sounds like I love carrying lycra on my back and eating on the move right now.

On food and nutrition, I have been trying to sort that out as per last year training schedule but straight from the beginning. I’m trying hard to get the fueling right for the sessions, breakfast, lunch or dinner so I also happen to spend quite a lot of time cooking at night to try and make it right for the next day ahead. Quite a good thing as I love eating and eat too much..!

Apart from that and looking at the annual training plan, I’m pretty much working the base at the moment, part of that has involved a few tests in order to see where I stand and how it will compare in the future as we get it moving. Now and talking about how it feels, it’s pretty simple and accurate to say that it’s alright at the moment. Working technique in the water, same on the saddle and pretty much the same when running. I’m on my 10hours average schedule and everything seems to be fine. Got to work a bit on the focus still, but that will come in due time.

On those tests, the first one that happened was about swimming, my weakest point but as I achieved the test and got a little feedback from my coach and compared the times with last years’ one, I can say there is progress. Last time we tested I had almost two months of swim training done before I got there, this year I had only done the equivalent of 3 weeks of training, still the average pace per 100m has improved and so is the one over 400m, happy point! There is plenty of work ahead but the goalpost has moved which is great.

Then came the second and third tests which were for the bike part. Having only started cycling back in 2016, 2017 and this year have been quite a steep learning curve and it was good to finally get to see where I am. First test was achieved outdoor, going up the Col de Saxel which is a smooth 4.8% average climb and going all out for 20′ minutes. All out meant actually trying to achieve the best combination of power and cadence, it turned out good and you can see some of the datas here.

A second test came two weeks after and this time on the trainer. This was more about making sure the previous data were good and accurate, so we carried a maximal aerobic power test. It’s about ramping up the power through intervals and specific cadence up to your maximum threshold if you guessed what it was, then, you give it another go, at the threshold power for as long as you can hold it. That was really intense..!

Additionally and for the fun part, the coach invited us to take part in a few races all along our own schedule and in accordance with our goals. I had said I wouldn’t race anymore this winter and before February 2019 but if the coach invites us to do it, I guess it’s a good thing. Truly it is, as it’s just like a little spark in what can be quite a boring routine when it comes to winter times and short days…

Look at that race – Trans’Onésienne – 10.5K – Run

Anyway, going racing today with the local but biggest race of Switzerland, it’s time for the 41st Course de l’Escalade here in Geneva this afternoon. It’s raining cats and dogs at the moment but got to do it..! Fingers crossed, all will go well.

Additional update, Course de l’Escalade turned out best with a 29s personal best over my 2016 previous best, it’s all here.

More next month, or not. Anyway, have a good Sunday, Louis.

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