#Training – January, I hated you.

The title says it all I would guess and yes I hated January. Now into February and hoping to turn things around. Truly it hasn’t been bad in terms of numbers but rather disappointing in terms of commitment. I did complete the hours and program, I matched the results to the plan but altogether it felt long and painful.

Looking back and having a little introspection I guess it all comes from repeating things days after days, my 38 weeks plan towards Ironman Frankfurt is the first thing to consider. Having a start at 2019 eight weeks earlier than last year has proved quite demanding. In fact work has not been quieter and getting all the sessions into the week plan is work already.

Second aspect is that the goalpost has moved. Last year I started my preparation as a whole new approach, coaching was new, the week plan and training load as well but altogether working towards that new distance and goal achieving something great felt like nobody could stop me – and nobody did!

I guess it all plays a role in where I stand today. Of course I’ve made progress and I can understand that by simply looking at my metrics and reflecting on where I was standing a year ago but mentally it’s quite a lot of work.

Other than moaning, training is in full swing with a weekly load averaging 12 hours. It’s not much more than previously but it’s basically two sessions everyday and six days a week. As it’s winter I’ve more or less replaced the cycling which is more or less impossible given the weather here in Geneva by cross country skiing.

Good thing is that I’m about to start racing with La Transjurassienne this coming weekend, a 68km race across the Jura. It’s quite a step again, a year on since I’ve started skiing but things are better this year and I’m hoping on completing the full race this year – as opposed to the Marathon last year – in a decent time and not too far back behind from my training buddy Marc. Yeah, he’s just spent 10 days in Lapland for training……..

Recent days have been about tapering and resting the body even though I’ve just swam a 400m in 6:03′ which is a 15 second improvement over October and that I’ve tested my run form this morning with a substantial gain over 2018 and a year ago. I guess it’s all in the head and I’m just being moody…

…Just like I was 8 weeks later from this day back in 2018. Triathlon is all about repeating yourself and I happen to fit well in there.

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