#Training – 26 Weeks in, 12 to go.

April’s fool, no it’s now 3 months to go until I reach the start to Ironman Frankfurt and things are getting more and more serious as the build-up and training continues, usual stuff here, yes.

As per the title, it’s 26 weeks since training started and it’s been a good journey so far, good and bad days of course, mentally hard over the cold and short days of winter. All in all, it’s about overcoming and getting stronger I would think so it plays a part in the build-up and whatever it takes, you just get through it.

Recent form has been good, the coach is doing good in mastering my plan but on my side it’s as I said, more and more serious so recently I’ve had a bit of a struggle. Getting the sessions and hours are a point but getting them done the good way is another and that’s what I’ve been struggling with.

Don’t know why and I’m not really looking for excuses here, it happens and you can’t turn things around. What’s more surprising though is the fact that all this is happening on the running sessions. Strange when I consider running as my preferred sport and the one I started with. It’s not bad, recent race results showed I can still manage a personal best but it’s more that I can’t really match the expectations and pace when going out for it.

All in all, things are getting together, the road is getting shorter but I can only look ahead and think how good the training has been and how good the coming weeks will be. You’ve got think strong.

On other training sessions and sports, bike continues, the rides are good and having come back out on the time trial bike, I can see the winter benefits of cross country skiing is still there as my quads are getting through some fierce acceleration and relays while I enjoy a strong headwind, typical me I guess. Smoothing the effort is what I need to continue working on as managing power over distance will be the mantra once racing day comes around.

Swim and the last part, it’s been a long journey there and it hasn’t ended yet. One sport which I never thought I would like, I mean watching a line for hours at the bottom of the pool, you’ve got to be special to enjoy that…

Well, breaking news and no fake one here, I’m loving it. It’s getting better as training builds-up, just like the time spent watching that line but there is something great at getting better through the days and I can thank the coach for that. Also and recently, I decided to scale back the sessions on my own from 3 to 2 so I could get a shorter one with the crew and coach done. Wise decision as it helps to be corrected and getting the stroke right. I won’t say I’ve become a swimmer but I’m getting close to getting the technique at a certain level, that’s an awesome feeling.

Now, 12 weeks to go and will be in Rapperswil, Switzerland over next weekend to enjoy some training where I will be properly racing on the first weekend of June when taking on Ironman70.3 Switzerland. Good to go back there as that is where it all started back in 2017. Then, heading to Spain and Mallorca for what will be an intense training camp.

Look up and ahead, stay strong as it’s all that matters. Oh, and smile!

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