#Training – 30 Weeks in, 8 to go.

Watching Ironman Texas last weekend, I thought it’s about time race season gets started and we’re now getting in the serious stuff as training continues. April just finished and felt short but packed, an intense month as we get closer to Frankfurt.

So basically and with just two months to go, first week of April started with a total training time of 17:20hours. A little more than the usual 10-12hours but a great one all things considered. Having been sick the four days before, I couldn’t really get to train properly so with the coach we decided that as I had in fact rested for a couple of days, I could go for full 7-days block.

This was perfectly planned as the first weekend would also coincide with our specific recce of the Ironman70.3 Switzerland in Rapperswil-Jona and next to Zürich. All things considered, it will be my first race of the season in terms of triathlon and probably the last high intensity training. So after 6k spent swimming, 280k on the bike and 50k of running, it felt pretty good and sensations were good although I felt a little tired at the end but best was being able to put on a strong ride over the hilly Rapperswil course and a strong and progressively faster run on the race course.

That followed with 3-days off as I was to travel to Paris for work duties, it felt a well deserved rest and a good timed one as well for that part. By the end of that second week, we were due to be off to Mallorca, Spain for our annual training camp with WePerf which is the company I am coached by.

Training resumed once back in Geneva on the Thursday evening. I had to cancel the morning swim as I couldn’t get to sleep properly once I reached back home after the flight back. I wasn’t feeling good first but got the #TrackDayThursday session done with all goals reached in terms of pace. That followed with the usual core and strength session on Friday morning and all-in-all I was ready to leave for Spain in good shape, rested – all things considered – and on schedule as well with work.

For work, it’s a big part of my life and a passion I share with my other one for triathlon, it’s intense and sometimes complicated but so far it feels like I’ve been able to do good while the training load keeps going up. It’s not easy every day as I do start the days early and have to put in the hours whether in the pool, on the bike or simply running. But yeah, even if some emails are worded late at night, from home or aside from my coffee cup when I get home after an evening at the track, I was able to leave for Mallorca with everything on schedule and able to monitor all from my room there in-between naps.

Back to training and off to Mallorca I was and an intense week it was. 7-days of swim, bike and run orchestrated by the coach and his team, thanks for a great program which proved perfect for the races coming along. It’s also good to say that with 16 of us training together, it was a good moment aside from the sport as well.

Back from Mallorca and ever since, training continues, first lake tour followed the Monday after and good sensations were there, the work is starting to pay off and after a 176k journey achieved just under 5-hours, it was good to get back in town and for work to resume as well. Since that point gradually the hours have come down even though I’m still doing an average of 15-hours a week between the three disciplines, strength training and work yes.

Getting in the last 8-weeks is gonna be even harder, few races coming with a half-marathon and lake tour time trial as well as Ironman70.3 Switzerland in just 4-weeks so fingers crossed I’ll be in good shape to get the race season started properly.

Shake & Bake.

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