#Training – It’s 2020 and here we are..!

First words about 2020 and a belated Happy New Age Group to everybody but especially to myself. But don’t worry, I’m not yet ready to start adulting, that would require way too much commitment.

Anyway, we are 9 weeks in and I’m just about to go racing again, shape is good although I got a bit sick from day one this year and not just once but twice in just two weeks. Quite a rollercoaster and exhausting, I think we never realise how hard those things can hit in terms of fatigue. I also managed to lightly sprain my ankle in an unfortunate indoor cycling accident but that’s embarassing…

Onwards and upwards, I’ve been back in the swimming lane, on the bike and on the run too but have had a very limited amount of XCountry ski this year due to the poor ski conditions at low altitude around Geneva. Quite frustrating as I like to build on that over winter and sad as the Transjurassienne got completely cancelled due to the weather conditions. I hope we’ll get a proper winter for the next one and that I’ll be back on the start line as well, fingers crossed for the organisation.

Now and talking about going racing again, it’s a strange one. The 2020 season will be long as I’ve shifted my “A” race from July to October this year. That decision came from the fact that I want to be able to train in better conditions, make full use of the days, heat, etc. but the key word here will be about managing that long season of 10-months (of course!). So yeah, it’s probably the first ever time that I try to picture myself on the startline without the concept of smashing the past personal best. Will I stick to that or just go for it, I don’t know and have yet to figure it out fully.

In terms of training, we’ve been through the first training block of five weeks, mileage has not been very high in terms of running due to the early setbacks and ankle issue which I compensated by swimming and cycling. The great thing is that both are looking good and I don’t think I’m far back on the run with the last two weeks showing a strong speed but of course, it’s speed over distance that will matter when comes Sunday.

Other than that, I’ll celebrate my seventh year of running this weekend in Paris which makes me think I’m truly getting older but nevertheless, it’s been a good experience so far and below is a little selection of past memories. Best are surely the oldest ones and funny is to look at how your body, posture and all changes over the years.

Last years’ words on the weekend to come were all about appreciating the build-up and knowing where I stood. Let’s hope I’ll stand strong.

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