#StandingStill – When less becomes more.

It’s almost three months since I last wrote something on my blog… Time for an update as since the end of February a lot has happen.

So back to where I was previously, I had been training, building fitness towards my first race of the year which was to be the Paris half marathon. As it turned out, a virus had hit Asia by the end of December, it had just reached Europe, we were only a few days from the WHO declaring Covid-19 a pandemic.

I had reached Paris back then, had collected my bib, was eager to challenge my legs and mental once again, as it turned out, with the risk of spreading the virus even more, the organisers took a last minute decision to postpone the race following on the French government recommendations.

I hated the French government that day, I hated the fact they cancelled it the day before the start so I took a flight home that same evening.

Now and reflecting on the above, it was a wise decision given how volatile the virus is and fact that there are more important things than just going racing. As the spread continued, lockdown, confinement or social distancing were announced all around the world just a few days or weeks later, depending on your location.

All races, especially the ones I had entered which should have started and happened by now have either been cancelled or postponed up to the end of August. After that, we shall see how things will resume and fingers crossed the “A” race will happen.

Best thing thing though and living in Switzerland, we were not locked down but put under strict social distancing which allowed me to continue training with either swim, bike or run with a little adaptation.

Back to dealing with race cancellation, it was not hard at all, I’m disappointed I cannot race as it’s an exciting thing and a great build-up to the “A” goal. On the other hand, it’s a way to train differently, work on weaknesses as usual but even more and possibly a way to get faster. However the real struggle is the swim at the moment.

The situation means all swim facilities are closed, unfortunate as I was starting to build some good pacing through a better stroke when all went crazy… I guess open water swim is a good training but it’s a very different way to train and I have yet to make the most out of it.

In the end, it’s a good way to reflect and look at things, I have been on a pretty busy schedule for a long time with full time job and added weekly average of 10-12 hours of training. As races got cancelled, it ended being a way to take it more slowly, no goals means training can be smoother and it feels good right now.

It’s also a good time to consider how I handle the rest and mainly myself, not having to run for another training before or after work does bring a sort of different state of mind I guess. Maybe I will take the whole calendar or schedule differently in the future as less may truly become more.

Making the most of the situation, it’s been a way to work on things such as my time trial bike. We’ve been able to realise my fitting during the recent weeks and I’ve put some hours into getting used to the position again while making little changes here and there to make the most out of this new bike as #ShivHappens Here’s a little gallery of the fit and work.

Fitting with Cycle Addicts Geneva

As it is, best thing I’ve heard so far and which I think makes sense right now is that success does not mean winning everything but making the best of every situation. That’s what I’ll concentrate on until the world gets back to normality, if it ever does.

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