Just a normal guy pretending to be an athlete.

French and American citizen.
Established in Geneva, Switzerland.


With mind power, determination, instinct and experience as well, you can fly very high.
Ayrton SENNA

Louis Quiniou Professional CV


How would I define myself? Well, pretty simply put, I work in motor sport as part of the FIA – Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile – and aside from that, I just pretend to be an athlete.

More seriously, I took up sport when I was 23 at the end of year 2013 and an advice from my doctors. Being epileptic we were looking at how to ease things after some bad years and running looked as one option, which I thought would be a good one too.

It wasn’t easy but I got it going. To get myself properly into it as well as trying to get some discipline into my life, I entered the Paris Half-Marathon as early as 2014, less than 6-months after starting training I finished the race under 2-hours and this probably got me started.

Up to 2016, I would run and enjoy a few races but that year I decided I would commit to a few more. I had moved to Geneva for work and it was the turning point, I basically took it to another level.

For 2017, I looked at giving a try to triathlons and after a debut on a Half-Ironman distance and a few Olympic distance races, I fell in love with the sport. Funny enough, when I arrived in Geneva back in 2015, I witnessed the EU Champs there and I thought that one day I would run as fast as these guys and girls of my bike and it happened, as fast, I don’t know though.

Ever since 2014, it’s been a fantastic journey. Achievements are one thing but I believe in hard work and dedication, performance is a package and today, whether it’s work or sport, I try everyday to put the best one together in order to achieve my best.